Soul freedom

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

A fit, healthy physical body, confers an independence and freedom that is very often taken for granted. But when this independence is lost, that is when the deeper search for the true meaning of independence and freedom begins. A sustained effort at self-enquiry reveals soul freedom as the true freedom. While this cannot and will not substitute the independence and freedom of the physical body, it will to a large extent confer peace of mind, inner joy, freedom and lasting contentment. This should be enough to lead a positive and fulfilling life.

Afterall the goal of life is not only to seek material fulfilment but also to gain the positive energies of joy, peace, fulfilment. This can only come about when one has conducted an honest self-enquiry into what it is that will bring that peace, joy and contentment. Having then settled with one’s choice then it is time to start making efforts and moving towards the same. However it cannot be ascertained beforehand what one will gain in the process. The only choice is to go about this with a honest, humble heart with the courage to face the outcome. The willingness to move forward trusting one’s feelings in the moment having the faith that it will show the way. That is moving through life connected to a deeper self and that is true freedom.

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