About my first novel (fiction)


STATUS: Rough draft.

To be absolutely honest,  a book which is still in its rough draft stage does not merit a mention so early on- that would seem a tad too hasty. Yet somehow putting this up on my newly started blog just occurred to me and there is a reason for this.

Eight years ago I had just completed my Graduation in Architecture and had finished with college education-finally.However the joy of completing one’s education was considerably dimmed in the light of the circumstances in which I had completed it-mainly my failing health condition on account of a chronic ailment. With the help and support of my family, I had managed to complete my final year in Architecture and was thus able to secure my Graduation.From that day on, my college-life had ended for good and I was faced with the prospect of dealing with just my life which at that time did not seem too good or easy-again because of my health.

It was a time in my life where I knew I had to stop and find some answers to questions I had so conveniently not been able to dwell on given the rush of completing the submissions on time and the pressure of just passing the final year. Now that all of it was behind me, I no longer had that excuse and so I knew that if I had to pick myself up again and move on, I had to deal with the more important questions of life first-mainly where did I think I was going in that condition of health?

I had no choice but to start on a path of inner quest-seeking answers to a great many questions. It felt as if there were mountains of questions that needed to be answered while I had only begun scooping out spoonful’s; with a heavy heart I had come to the inner realisation that I was not going anywhere, anytime soon and that I had a long, difficult road ahead of me.Looking back, now I think at that time the only solace came from the fact that I did not know just how difficult life was going to be.Sometimes, not knowing what the future holds itself proves to be a very comforting thought.

I genuinely wanted to know what the way forward was. Sitting in a state of deep Prayer and Meditation, the response that I found in that calm, inner silence was Writing- something which I had always loved and had meant to pursue  in right earnest once I was done with Graduation. I had completed Graduation yes, but had not been prepared for the unexpected and unfortunate development on the health front. Naturally I was more worried about my health and felt unable to focus on Writing. I was indecisive about the path I had to take at that time and felt the need for inner guidance. Again I received the assurance from the calm, inner silence that if I pursued Writing, my ailment would be taken care of.

However being unable to trust this inner assurance, I was in a state of inner conflict and ultimately the condition of my health and the external circumstances, both dictated that I pursue Writing. At that time, however, I was clueless as to how pursuing Writing would take care of the ailment. That was in 2003.

Now after nearly eight years, most of the questions I had then, have been answered  but this journey of eight long years had indeed been very difficult.Starting on this path itself was the most difficult. Being a student of science, my mind was conditioned to question, to reason, to analyse, to not believe without proof and to believe in only what I could see.

Following this inner assurance required letting go of the path which was known and familiar, placing myself into a space that was unfamiliar,  confidently tread into the unknown. Walking up this path required courage and inner strength. To allow the circumstances on this path to challenge the boundaries/limitations  of the conditioned mind and still continue with faith, trusting that inner assurance could not have been an easy path to walk upon.

Now having walked up this path, I know that there is no other way to living life- we cannot assume beforehand where a path might lead us. It is only when we have walked up the path-trusting that inner voice, that we know where we are destined to reach. This I think in one line explains what  THE DREAMPATH  is all about.

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