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 Welcome to the blog-Musings of the mind

A blog, as I have now come to understand, is your space on the internet where you can jot down your thoughts and ideas and it can be shared with everyone. For me, Writing in a book with a pen had always been the preferred method and I had no intentions of starting a blog. But it all came about rather unexpectedly and has been a happy discovery so far.

To sit in quiet contemplation-having cleared the mind of all unnecessary thoughts and focus only on what needs to be written;  has been a practice I’ve been following for quite a number of years now.

Having spent considerable time and efforts in the practice of Meditation, I felt that it would be nice to use this blog as a space that shared insights that have come from Meditation. Hence  being a little experimental, I have tried something new here and committed myself to writing anything that flows from within in that contemplative state of mind. The challenge for me is to try and touch upon a contemplative state and get attuned to the energies of the moment- each and everytime.The depth of the contemplative state may vary and therefore the nature and tone of the posts  will be different on different days.

 The experiment is this: when one is truly attuned to the energies of the moment, what one writes will connect at a deeper level with those who happen to read it. If the post on any particular day will have managed to do this, the attempt will have worked or else not.Your comments and feedback in this regard will be appreciated.

In any case, I just hope to make Quiet contemplation  that quiet, contemplative corner from where one can at the very least go away a tad more wiser, a lot more happy and completely at peace with oneself. Happy musings!

A Question for the day– again is an experiment of another kind. Incessant inner questioning yields answers and reveals insights we ordinarily would not be aware of. Here offering one question at a time- each successive question requiring a deeper awareness of the self, if attempted to answer would inculcate self-introspection. At the end of 108 questions, one will have made considerable inner progress. This is an interactive space where anyone can post their comment which can be responded to by someone else and so the thread of comments -or rather the answer on a particular question will get expanded and be come clearer in the process.

Spontaneous poetry is just a creative little corner to be enjoyed by anyone who shares a similar interest and liking for poetry

About my first novel (fiction) was mentioned here first but now rather unexpectedly, I have started a new blog- The Dreampath to talk about anything related to my first book and it can be visited at http://myfirstnoveldreampath.wordpress.com

Hope the blog –Musings of the mind manages to connect with those who happen to read it.

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