Fulfillment of Desires and Divine Grace.

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

Life is unpredictable. Every moment springs an unexpected surprise and we are forced to react or respond and therefore are taken forward to the next unexpected moment. A typical case of unintended consequences.

Unintentionally we are carried forward in life from one moment to the next. It does not help that we are a bunch of desires constantly seeking fulfillment and some material gain. While the yearning of our desires persists, the likelihood of those desires manifesting into reality is slim. We have a desire, we channelize our efforts towards attaining that desire and do everything that is in our capacity to make our desire manifest into our life and make it a reality. But for all the time, energy and efforts that we have contributed towards this, many a times we find that it does not yield the desired fruit/outcome. That is, the fruit or outcome of what has been our expectation while we started making our efforts towards the fulfillment of a particular desire. We feel cheated and experience a high level of frustration. We are seized with an uncontrollable anger and we are not at peace and are unhappy. Our unhappiness, our frustration, our anger, our discontentment if not controlled causes it to be expressed in our every day life and interactions and there is great danger of it affecting our relationships.

‘Am I not entitled to have any of my desires fulfilled?’ is the most likely question that is going to pop up. It is easier for a person with a spiritual bent of mind to accept the answer to this question- “I am entitled to entertain desires in my heart and I can also channelize my time, energy and efforts in a focussed manner towards the attainment of the particular desire. BUT knowing Divine Will to be the ultimate decisive factor, I must surrender the outcome to Divine Will. “

Is this an easy process? No. Especially if I can perceive the person or situation that came in the way of my achieving my desire. Overcoming this thought or feeliing requires me to transcend to the next level in spirituality- of doing away with the individual doership and ascribing all that happens through me, through the people in my life, through the situations that come in my life as Divine Will. This is what helps to establish a direct connection with God.

When I have managed to establish this direct connection with God, then I am able to drop all grouses against others, be able to view and accept my own shortcomings in a peaceful and humble state of inner acceptance and therefore feel connected to that vast inner source that gives me the strength to carry on and persist in making further efforts towards attaining a particular desire or the wisdom to see the desire in a new light and therefore gain the insight to see it as an unwanted/unnecessary or frivolous pursuit to drop the desire all together.

This allows us to be in a forgiving state of mind and also be more accepting towards the faults-our own as well as those of others and also keeps our spirit intact and gives us the energy to keep making efforts if not towards the desire we started out with but towards a new desire. A generosity of spirit, a forgiving state of mind and a humble inner acceptance of Divine Will is what will suffuse our life with joy and enthusiasm and effortlessly carry us forward to the next moment in our life.

We are still not sure of the outcome, but instead of being anxious, angry or frustrated we are in a state of inner peace and knowing that whatever the outcome it will serve as a valuable peg to further our efforts, will give us a sense of direction and purpose. Therefore it does not matter at what level of skilll I am  making my efforts for as long as those efforts are honest and sincere enough, it will add value to my skills and take me to the next level from here. Therefore progress is certain. Therefore success is imminent- if not on the grand scale that I perceived at the start but in small dollops-thus ensuring that we are not stuck and stagnating but on the move towards the good and the better.

Armed with this attitude, as we progress towards life, one thing is certain- that Divine Will pleased with our humble acceptance and positive outlook will bestow an unexpected moment of fulfillment which is nothing but Divine Grace and will lead us to the realisation that our efforts in the past have been the same but now the desire has manifested only because of Divine Grace.

This is the energy that we constantly need to seek in our Life. Then it does not matter what our level of skill is- for Divine Grace will bestow that desire on us at the appropriate moment in our life. But for this we must constantly be striving to make efforts in doing good, thinking good and feeling positive- not just about ourselves but about all those in our life.

That is when the equation gets changed – and a volume of Divine Grace assists a fraction of self-effort and helps us to achieve that which we wish to achieve. This is the key ingredient of success in our any and every endeavour. Without this, without Divine Grace, the equation is opposite- a large volume of self-effort and negligible or absent Divine Grace will make life seem like a huge, unbearable burden.

Life is still unpredictable, but when we have Divine Grace on our side, we are ensured that the moment that Life will bring is going to carry us forward.

Happy Musings!


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