Where there is a Will, there is Way

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Where there is a will, there is  a way.

Seeking the fulfillment of even the simplest desire does not happen until and unless there is adequate self-effort and action channelized in the appropriate direction. When one is seeking the fulfillment of a desire that seems impossible or far-fetched in the immediate set of circumstances and even in the distant future, one is faced with a tough choice to make – the relatively easier option of letting go of that desire altogether or else stick to the desire and find a way to fulfill it and make it a reality. The latter option is obviously far more difficult.

Sticking to the desire is making a committment with oneself to see it to fulfillment against all odds and despite all odds. This committment fixes one’s path and goal. This brings an inner focus and one knows in the heart that achieving this goal is one’s soul purpose. This will not allow one’s mind to sway and fall a prey to the distractions on this path. Distraction – all that seems to take one away from this path and goal.

The mind while being flexible will also be firm on what it wishes to achieve and how it intends to achieve this. This will make it easier to let go of any tempting choices that one might meet along the way without resenting the same. This whole process will require the strenghtening of one’s will and it is this strengthening of the will that will ultimately open a closed door or create a non-existent opportunity suddenly and in an unexpected way. The committment and the concentrated efforts made towards this goal become the force of past choices that ultimately lead to that unknown, unexpected moment that will bring about the fulfillment of that desire. This I think is the meaning of the saying – ‘Where there is a Will, there is a Way.’

It begins from a simple assumption that one will succeed in achieving that desire. This simple positive assumption suffuses an energy in one’s concentrated efforts towards the fulfillment of that desire. This is what motivates one to put in the hard work today to gain something tomorrow even though that tomorrow may be an uncertain period of time into the future. This is what extracts the best effort we are capable of making in the present moment and ultimately yields the result. But this ensures that the  mind is focused on the effort being made in the present moment and not on achieving the desire in the future moment.

This attitude ensures that the achievement of the desire  happens in a gradual and effortless way making the journey towards one’s desire smooth and happy. This ensures that when the desire is finally achieved, one is not tired from the journey and one simply feels that one has achieved one’s desire in a natural way.

The spiritual way of achieving this is to surrender oneself to the moments that unfold in one’s life as Divine Will and make a choice that will take us towards our goal or fulfillment of that desire not being overtly attached to that which we have to give up or let go on the way by recognising and  accepting the very need of fulfillment of that desire as Divine will. This is what will then ensure that our individual will is aligned to Divine Will. thus securing for us Divine grace that will help and assist in the fulfillment of that desire.

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