Be one when in a group or alone

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

I am sitting before the blank page in a quiet state of mind.I know that I am writing this post but I do not know what the post will be about. That is something I will discover as I do the typing.

I heard the bells of the nearby Shiv temple ringing and realised today is Monday. At around 8’o clock a few people will gather at the temple and sing a few Bhajans as they do on every Monday.

I remember my younger days spent in attending Bhajans. It felt nice to participate in the singing and it was a very joyous, uplifting experience. The singing made it a joyous experience no doubt, but I think it was the feeling of oneness that it conferred that made it such a joyous and uplifting experience.

There are rare glimpses of the feeling of oneness with God or Divinity especially when participating in such devotional activities. But sustained efforts at Meditation or focussing on one’s inner self can also bestow this inner state of oneness. When the body-mind-soul are in unison working towards a particular goal, there is the experience of this oneness.

The physical body is engaged in some activity while the mind is wandering elsewhere and the soul is longing to do something else or be somewhere else in that moment is a perfect example of being in an inner state of disarray.

Where should the mind be? Where the physical body is in the present moment. And where should the soul be? In complete awareness of the present moment where the body and mind are placed- that is being in tune with the circumstances of the moment, being in tune with one’s own inner energies in the moment and flowing as dictated by both the inner and outer energies without resisting a particular energy nor seeking out any particular energy and yet being true to one’s own self.

Relinquish the need to be an active doer but participate in life wholeheartedly by just being yourself and allowing things to happen. Accepting every moment what happens as it happens as part of Divine will and design.

Living and experiencing each moment in this manner will help to experience the feeling of oneness. And this experience can be had where ever we are and at any given moment in our life.

Being true to ourselves in any given moment confers an inner joy and freedom. That is when we really start getting a first-hand experience of life. That is when we really become aware of Divine grace.

The experience of oneness can thus come in a collective devotional activity or even when one is alone but completely in the present moment. It is the feeling of oneness that keeps us from feeling lonely when alone.

The feeling of oneness can impart great inner strength and courage to persist in face of difficulties and fight all odds. Be one when in a group or alone and be happy.

Happy musings!


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