Energies of the day and life

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

A day’s energies comes with its set of challenges. It does not always mean we are well-equipped to handle the challenges it throws at us. Yet somehow we must deal with those energies in an appropriate manner because it is precisely our response to those energies that determines a great many things in our life and even the course of life itself.

An external situation or circumstance demands making a choice. The apparent choice that meets the eye at a deeper level is  our choice of a particular energy. Initially it is very difficult to correctly understand and intepret a choice we are making but  sustained efforts at honest self-introspection and contemplation over a period of time confers a certain keenness of perception which becomes an inner guidance that equips us to face and handle any particular situation or circumstance appropriately by making a choice in tune with our inner energies. Whether to accept or reject an energy or how much or how little of an energy to accept is then determined by a rather spontaneous response from one’s inner energies rather than by a pre-conditioned mind.

When we are willing to be moved by our inner energies, the mind is more flexible and receptive to the external circumstances and the energies that it brings which allows the pre-conditioned mind to shed some of its conditions and be malleable enough to allow the day’s experiences to mould us.

This makes our life a learning experience.This is what brings about growth and this is what takes us to a more fulfilling life.

Happy musings!


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