Silence the voice of the mind and listen to the voice of the heart

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

Silence the voice of the mind and listen to the voice of the heart.

I have returned to writing my blog after nearly a gap of a year. I had made an attempt to return to my blog a couple of times before but was unsuccessful. That confidence, that enthusiasm and even perhaps that quiet contemplative state eluded me. I therefore did not feel very capable of returning to the blog I had started.

Today I felt a renewed desire in my heart to just return to my blog and write a post. What would I write i wondered when I became aware that I was feeling tired, lazy and lethargic to sit and write this post. The desire to write the post and the tiredness and lethargy which was discouraging me from returning to my posts both were present within me in the same moment. Obviously I had to make a choice. What was I going to choose?

In a quiet moment of inner silence the answer flashed from within – ‘Silence the voice of the mind and listen to the voice of the heart.’ This answer made it easier for me to shed the lethargy despite feeling tired and finally return to my blog.There was a difference in my earlier unsuccessful attempts to return to my blog and  this one. This time it was a genuine desire that arose in the heart tor return to the blog and I therefore did not wish to let that moment pass by paying heed to the tiredness.

Identifying the source and origin of a particular thought or emotion reveals its true intention and therefore makes it easier to choose. Here the good intention of returning to writing the post was being overpowered by tiredness. So I felt it was necessary to ignore this tiredness  and give in to this genuine desire.

Sitting to write this post, my mind returned to dwell on this little experience and a little nugget of wisdom reveals itself to me as I write this post – This was an excellent example to explain the body-mind – soul conflict that we experience within ourselves. The tired body was influencing the mind to rest while the desire of the heart (the seat of soul) overpowered the mind and the tired physical body was able to shed its lethargy and follow suit.

Happy musings!


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