Seek inclusion not exclusion.

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

What does any human being seek? To connect with others and be able to share one’s own life experiences. To try to understand the life and people around him and be understood in return. To be a part of the society he lives in in short an inclusive nature. Segregation or isolation of any kind is of an exclusive nature.

The very nature of the soul is that it seeks to merge with the infinite Cosmic principle and therefore seeking inclusion is the true nature of the human being while seeking exclusion is the nature of the human that has allowed the divisive nature of the mind to overrule the soul’s inherent need for inclusion.

If one cannot understand and recognise this universal truth,  then it means one has simply not understood oneself. If one were to be absolutely  honest with oneself, one would admit that everyone, regardless of who they are, what they are and where they are placed, would like to live in a society that is inclusive in nature rather than one that is divisive or exclusive in nature.

To belong somewhere and be a part of something is what allows the soul to expand, to touch and be touched upon  by the experiences this is what brings about growth. This is the very nature of life to allow the soul to progress from one life experience to another. To limit, restrict or totally exclude is the nature of the mind-the ego principle where the higher feelings of love and compassion for fellow beings is absent.

A deep state of contemplation attained through Meditation allows one’s conditioned mind to shed the differences and  get in touch with one’s true nature-to get in touch with the love and compassion within oneself. This then allows one to see others in an all encompassing way as not being different from one self. The separatist, divisive principle has dropped away completely such that all become one.

At some or the other point of time, seeking out this truth becomes important in each one’s life and when that happens true inner transformation has come about and one’s life soon undergoes a dramatic change for the better bringing in the positives of peace, contentment, good health and prosperity in abundance.This is the secret of attracting abundance in one’s life and making life a joyous experience.

Happy musings!


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