Why Meditation is essential.

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

If we did not have to think about tomorrow, we would be free from worries and happy today. Our concerns would be limited to just this one day and therefore our thoughts would automatically stop at today and not get past to ‘what tomorrow’s day might bring?’. We would be more focussed on what needs to be done today and therefore our thoughts, emotions and energies -all would get oriented to the present. When one’s thoughts, emotions and energies are all involved in the same task there is perfect alignment of the physical self (the body), the mental self (the mind), the emotional self (the feelings) and the Spiritual self (the soul).When one is in such a state of alignment, one can be said to be truly in the present.

Being truly in the present, one experiences a carefree, happy state of mind that is free from all worries and therefore is absolutely swift in moving from one moment to the next without getting stuck on a particular thought or emotion. This translates in quick decision-making by virtue of having the ability to grasp correctly the problem or task at hand and therefore resolve the related issues that arise at a quick,efficient pace. Needless to add that any given day in one’s life- from the moment one has woken up in the morning till one retires to bed at night, involves having to choose from a plethora of  choices regardless of whether one works in a typical office environment or is a freelancer or simply a homemaker-choices are unavoidable and therefore requires quick and correct decision-making abilities.

If one is truly aware, one will be able to realise that every choice we make in a day, at any given moment in a day is what is shaping the future course of our life. The choices we make or choose not to make become our deeds for the day and these deeds contribute and shape our life. Therefore if we have not been completely present in the present moment-not been in complete alignment with our thoughts, emotions and energies while making the choices, consciously or unconsciously, we tend to choose wrongly and move away from the destined course of our life.

Given the fast pace of our life, therefore the practice of meditation becomes an indispensable tool which allows us to become centred and be in perfect alignment with our body-mind-soul, that it prevents us from choosing wrongly even under immense pressure and take the correct decisions-in the present moment with confidence. This confidence is crucial and the key aspect that governs our decisions or choices and therefore our life. We would not make a choice or take a decision we would not feel very confident about and that lack of confidence alone would cause us to choose wrongly, even though in the intellect we might know the right reasons for making a particular choice. We may not be able to go along with that choice simply because we lack the confidence and we would therefore also be in the serious danger of caving-in to the pressure of circumstances or even the slightest opposition from those around us and as such not really be the decision-makers of our life.

That confidence comes from Meditation, that clarity of thought comes from Meditation, that alignment to truly be in the present moment comes from Meditation. The choice to spend some time in the day in meditation therefore is not optional but vital.

Happy musings!


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