Know the truth in your heart.

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

Some days are just so trying that it becomes difficult to keep faith .The question ‘will things get any better?’ seems to haunt us.Moving through the day, doing things that need to be done with a constant prayer in our hearts, it happens to be one of those days when faith in the Higher Power and belief in the Self is at its lowest ebb.Then how does one find peace of mind? Where does one look for comfort and solace?-in one’s own heart.

Life does not always mean a bed of roses and very often one has to navigate through thorny difficult paths in one’s life and how can one ever do that without courage and  the strength of will? And where can one find that?-in one’s own heart.

When the circumstances of life throw up problems that have no solutions and yet it is necessary to find one to overcome the problems, from where does one seek answer?-again from one’s very own heart.

That is how closely our heart is involved in our life. A prayer that comes from the heart never goes unanswered- for the heart is also the seat of that spark of Divinity that resides within everyone of us.

Through prayer and meditation, staying constantly connected to the truth in our hearts-knowing the truth in our hearts helps us to see the problems in our life with the eyes of faith and therefore derive the inner strength to overcome them. Knowing the truth in our hearts gives us the strength of will to make the required efforts to overcome our problems and the faith in our hearts allows us to rest with the peace of mind in knowing that we have done our best and God will do the rest.

Days on which one’s faith is at its lowest ebb, one must make greater efforts and conscious efforts to stay connected to the faith in one’s heart-in whichever way that one feels best. Doing little things that makes one happy, doing small, spontaneous acts of kindness,spreading a little goodness and cheer in our own little way, from where ever we are placed-all help to rekindle the spark of Divinity in one’s own heart and therefore restores the faith.Besides the joy that one feels in one’s own heart, from somewhere deep within there also flows a calm, peaceful feeling which itself is the inner assurance ‘do not worry, all will be well.’ It is all there in one’s own heart.

Happy musings!


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