How I write my posts.

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

Every time I sit to write a post, after sitting quietly for a few minutes, I ask myself what is it that I should write today and after some moments of quiet the first line of the post just flashes in my mind and I begin to write it. I do not know where that thought will lead and I discover it along the way as I go about writing what flows spontaneously from within in continuation with this first line and find that it all somehow comes to a logical conclusion at which point I end the post with my regular sign-off Happy musings! Therefore the lengths of the posts are varied-some brief and others longer.The only editing I did(for my earlier posts) and I do (now) are any typographical errors, adding the tags, category, post title etc.. because I have a tendency to forget adding these to the post.Its only after I have clicked publish that I realise I have not added one or all of these and hasten to edit my piece because even though I have decided or pre-set the broader categories, I do not know until I have written my post where exactly my post is aligned-in Meditative Musings, Philosophical Musings or A Writer’s Musings on any given day because musings of the mind can be vast and varied and I might just end up making new categories on the way.Other than this, I refrain from making any changes to the content of the post and leave it intact just the way it has flowed from within. As a Writer I find this challenge enjoyable as it gives me that sense of joy at not knowing what one might discover at the end of the post and it also gives me a deep sense of satisfaction-especially if it manages to make a connection with any one who might read the post. That somehow was the deeper thought behind naming my blog Musings of the Mind – quiet contemplation.

Writing, I feel requires that kind of honesty with self and spontaneity and clarity of the mind to be able to lead a thought to a certain conclusion. Meditation is what gives the mind its clarity to be able to de-clutter unnecessary thoughts and focus only on the required ones. Meditation, Musings, Philosophy and Writing all being topics which are close to my heart, that is the nature of my posts.

Being Indian, Philosophy and Spirituality are deeply rooted in our upbringing and the pursuit of the Higher self or God-realization in attaining moksha or liberation as a process of seeking an answer to deeper, unsolvable problems through Japa and Dhyana (Meditation) or quiet contemplation etc. is a way of life that confers peace, fulfilment and also a keen sense of direction to one’s life.

The process I described above of writing my posts is true to the meaning of a Shloka (verse) in the Bhagavad Gita (sacred text of the Hindus)- of doing one’s actions without any expectations of the fruits thereof or any attachment; humbly offering the work(karma) at the Divine Lotus feet and surrendering the outcome to Divine Will.

What this means is that I just sit before the blank page for a few minutes in quiet contemplation and write whatever I feel like writing at that moment with the faith and knowing that whatever words flow from within is the workings of the Divine Will.

Happy musings!


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