Health and healing.

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After a tiring day, getting some restful sleep is something that everyone looks forward to. Nothing compares to waking up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Adequate rest and relaxation to restore the body and mind to health and wellness is an important aspect of one’s wellbeing. While asleep, one automatically touches upon deeper states of consciousness rather effortlessly; something that one strives to consciously achieve in meditation.

The process of trying to attain deeper states of consciousness is in fact meditation and this happens naturally in the sleeping state. Attaining this deeper state either in sleep or through conscious effort in meditation, helps restore the equilibrium of the human body which is not just body and mind but body-mind and soul.Hence sleep as well as meditation has a refreshing, rejuvenating effect. Anything that is restorative in nature is also curative-an important aspect in understanding how healing happens.In the context of healing, health and happiness are synonymous with each other. If one is healthy, one is no doubt happy. And  ill health cannot bother one who is truly happy.

Attaining the deeper states of consciousness  allows one to align oneself to the healing energies because we are not just body-mind but body-mind-soul.Once aligned,the healing energies then regulate and facilitate the smooth functioning of the body. However it takes some time before one starts feeling the positive effects and benefits and some more time before it can actually be seen. This waiting period of the healing phase is perhaps the most difficult and trying time because it requires one to have steady faith and undying patience. To be able to believe in something that is going to happen at some future point and not immediately requires a higher degree of faith. To be able to place one’s trust in a moment that is yet to come can only come out of a deeper faith.Healing therefore requires staying deeply connected to one’s faith.

At this juncture, meditation acquires an altogether different purpose in the process of healing- to keep a firm hold on the mind and not allow it to slip into the negative cycle of disbelieving and incessantly questioning the healing process.The negative mental energies of a doubting mind offer resistance to the healing energies and prove to be counter-productive to the healing process, sometimes causing a delay and at times even greater harm. Therefore it is vital to keep a firm grip on the mind and prevent it from slipping. Staying deeply connected to one’s faith at that time does not allow the mind to be easily swayed thus imparting the required firmness and at long last success in the realization of one’s goal-healing.

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