Words and a Writer.

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

Just a passing thought that suddenly occurred to me- what would a Writer be without words? If a Writer did not possess the arsenal of words to assist him/her in expressing thoughts,ideas and emotions; Writing-the vital art of communicating and therefore Writers  would be non-existent!

Words have meaning and therefore communicate that meaning when expressed singularly or in conjunction with other words. The depth of meaning those words convey and the imagery the words infuse help to communicate a thought or idea and therefore words are the basis of any Writer’s communication.Using a word wrongly or out of its usual context which does not communicate the Writer’s thought or idea aptly therefore results in a miscommunication.As a Writer, one needs to pay careful attention to the  choice of words and at the same time allow oneself to get lost in the thought or idea that one is trying to communicate. This is a challenging task and a requires a fine balancing act.The thought or idea employs only imagination whereas the words which help translate that imagination into text that communicates this imagination to its readers, becomes the final form in which the readers perceive the Writer’s thoughts.While a good imagination is essential employing the right words to communicate that good imagination is vital and therefore words make a writer.

Happy musings!



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