Pain is a prod to remembrance

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

“Pain is a prod to remembrance”

Paramhansa Yogananda has said in his book  Autobiography of a Yogi.

When one is in pain one seeks to connect with one’s inner self in an attempt to seek a satisfying answer to the situation/circumstance/person which has caused one the grief and pain and in the process one naturally ends up seeking God or a Higher self. However, this is seeking refuge in God when in pain for one’s solace and comfort a temporary option so to say, until one starts feeling relieved from the pain or hurt.

Once free of that hurt or pain, one tends to move away from God until the occurrence of another ‘painful incident’ and the whole process of getting in touch with one’s inner self starts all over again. This is a very selfish motive says Yogananda. Seeking God for the sake of alleviation of pain and problems experienced in human life may be the starting point however it must transcend to the level of seeking God for God’s sake until one makes that transition one is simply caught in an endless web of problems and it becomes successively difficult to overcome the problem which then steadily breaks one’s  spirit and resolve which makes it harder to stay connected to God and goodness and that is what sets one on the downward spiral. It is only the Grace of God that gives that firm footing and can prevent one from slipping down further. That grace has to be earned. By carrying a genuinely grateful heart with a humble acceptance of all that the Divine entity called God has bestowed good or bad – at all times though this might not be easy; is the certain way to earn that grace.

Sometimes a deep grief like the loss of a loved one and at other times something as mundane as a toothache is enough to establish that moment of deep connection with one’s inner self-where the spark of Divinity resides.In grief or pain one  automatically seeks to establish the inner connection but when one is happy and healthy one has to make and one must make a conscious effort to stay connected to the inner self-that would be  unselfish. Happy musings!


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