En ce moment

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

‘En ce moment’- in this moment. The present moment is a powerful one. What we are thinking, what we are feeling, what we are saying what we are doing-in this very moment will determine the future course of our life- for life is nothing but a collection of all the  moments that one has lived and passed by. Each moment when it comes becomes the present moment.  Every moment of our life has something to offer us and we must be completely tuned –in to the moment to grasp what it brings to us. Being tuned-in to the moment however, requires us to be well-connected to our inner self and be in a state of awareness.

The pressures and stresses of our every-day existence do not ordinarily allow us to remain  that way although it is our most natural state of being-being in the moment. A regular practise of the various aspects of meditation in our daily life keeps us more easily connected to our true inner self at every moment and also makes the moments of our life a richer experience. Having truly experienced the moment, our hearts feeling blessed at the benign generosity will be able to carry genuine gratitude towards the Divinity for having bestowed that moment on us and we will also progress towards the future moments of our life with a greater sense of fulfilment.So living in the present moment is the way to a happy, fulfilling life.

Happy musings!


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