A story that can not just be read but felt and seen too.

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Being able to create visual imagery in the mind’s eye of a reader by the mere use of words, is the knack of craft any Writer should possess and J.K. Rowling is one such writer who possesses that skill in ample measure. Having been a reader of her delightful HARRY POTTER series, I felt that more than the riveting plot;it was the detailing in the descriptions that had the ability to completely  draw in the reader into the magical world of Witches and Wizards and yet somehow make it all seem completely believable.One gets so caught up in what one is reading precisely because it has been described in such great detail that without realising one automatically begins to visualise the scene and all that it contains in the mind’s eye. The moment the reader starts to see what he/she is reading, the mere act of reading has transformed into a visual experience for the reader.That is what sets apart a book which can be read from the one that can be visualised.It is only the magic of words that can bring this about and the enviable skills of an accomplished pen at work!

It will help to know that at the deeper level, words have the power to transmit energy.Vibrating a certain kind of energy attracts a like energy to it-the basic principle well- explained in the Silva Method and often experienced in deeper states of meditation.To be able to move the reader, engage the reader, arrest the attention of the reader, captivate the reader-it is the  energy  the book carries that will actually be doing this for the reader.A Writer therefore becomes a medium to transmit a particular energy and the readers when they read catch on to those vibrations and start vibrating the same energy which compels the reader to visualise.Books written with that level of commitment  are capable of allowing  the reader to have a heightened experience when they are read.Those books are the ones that are able to transcend  the limitations of a book and become more than just a reading experience!

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