Staying connected to the peace of mind

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

When our true nature is that of truth, consciousness and bliss, peace is an inevitable outcome of this. Yet, in our worldly experiences this very peace  that is inherent and our very nature proves to be ever elusive and the constant tug and pull that the problems of worldly existence exert on us leaves us with very little peace of mind.When the unlimited source of peace and happiness is within us, then why is it so difficult for us to find this peace in our life?

Caught in the web of worldly influences,it is the nature of the mind to disturb that inherent peace every now and then.The duality of states: hot and cold, happiness and sorrow, pain and pleasure etc. is the state of the mind oscillating between the two veritable opposites and experiencing the same. However a mind that is firmly centred in the Divine aspect of the inner self,does not oscillate to either extremes and therefore is a balanced mind. Only the one who can remain even minded at the different extremes the difficult  circumstances of life throws up at us, can overcome the same and emerge victorious. Contemplating on the Divine aspect of the inner self as a matter of daily discipline, over  a period of time reaps its benefits as that alone can impart the strength and even mindedness to the mind so vital for traversing the journey of life. Making the conscious effort to stay connected to that inner peace alone can retain that peace of mind.

Happy Musings!


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