Silent sitting

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

A few minutes of observing silence and one can immediately start to feel its positive effects.One is washed over by a sense of calm and that peaceful feeling seems to pervade the entire being from somewhere deep within us. It is not possible to experience such peace in the rush of daily life.To experience this, one needs to consciously set aside some time in the day for meditation and/or contemplation. Few minutes into the silent sitting, one will automatically experience that all unnecessary thoughts will die down which alone will grant the mind its calmness.A calm mind, by its very nature, attains a higher level of focus and a focussed mind is an enviable asset in any kind of problem-solving. A tired, fagged out mind is not capable of analysing, thinking,reasoning. These are the attributes of a clear mind. And a calm mind processes thoughts and resolves issues effectively and  therefore  allows clear thinking.So silent sitting becomes an indispensable tool for effective problem-solving in any area of our life.

Happy Musings!


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