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“Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark”-Rabindranath Tagore

If one were to dwell on the meaning of this quote one would discover the richness of depth it carries. Really; when a dark phase of life threatens to engulf and dawn seems very distant-almost unreachable therefore non-existent,what is it that one can hold on to?

In those moments of despair when one is desperately seeking to hold on to anything that can give strength and support; it is a slow, painful realisation that one has to stop looking for anything external and find that strength and support within.It is the voice of faith in one’s heart giving a calm assurance that all will be well which proves to be the most reassuring.

This is the bird that sings that the dawn will come for sure-but till it does ,one shouldn’t out of fear let the darkness engulf one’s heart-the seat of this little bird-for the moment that happens one will have allowed darkness to succeed and kill that bird of faith in one’s heart. And once that has happened, then it does not take long for the negative energies of darkness to take complete charge ensuring that the dawn will never come.But if one keeps the bird of faith in one’s heart alive and singing, then dawn will come one day for sure. Happy musings!



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