The Dynamics of change.

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

Spent some time fiddling with the theme and making changes then thought it was better to return to what I do best-write. So I am back,sitting quietly and contemplating on what could possibly be the topic for today’s post.Writing works best when it is spontaneous or at least that’s the way I know to write.

Making changes to the theme-colour,sidebar etc. made me wonder what change does to life?Is life completely static?No.But what would be static and what would be called dynamic?-for change is dynamic not static. If that be the case, then can a visibly static object be dynamic?Yes. For e.g.. a piece of wooden furniture will undergo changes over a period of time-may be over a long period of time therefore giving the impression that it is static and not undergoing any change. However the change may be happening in an infinitesimal quantity and will only be visible when the accumulated quantum of change is large enough to be noticeable. So would that make the piece of furniture static or dynamic?Both-because it does not mean that an object lying motionless will remain untouched,unaffected by the dynamics of change no matter how slow the process. So it is with human life.

The energies of change are carrying forward each of us-whether we are aware of it or not. The only difference is that the dynamics of change works at a different pace in each one’s life- therefore some experience change at a faster pace and others at a slower pace; and yet others at a very, very slow pace that it becomes difficult to believe that change will come at all. But change does come definitely later if not sooner;but come it does. Only, to each his/her own pace. That is where the individuality of one’s life comes in. That is what makes each person’s life  ‘my own life.

Happy musings!


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