The colour blue

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

choosing the font colour as blue makes me wonder why the colour blue has a soothing effect?

not the dull, down-in- the dumps kind of blues but the invigorating kind of blues if you know what I mean. The blue of the skies- giving that airy feeling of the vastness beyond. Just looking at the skies one is capable of getting lost in its vastness despite being on the solid ground. That sense of soaring, the lightness that one experiences-

The blue of the lakes-the stillness and the calm that it offers soothes the mind and even the occasional pebble that causes ripples on its surface do very little to disturb that calm.

Those blues offer the peace, the calm-effortlessly still the chaotic thoughts, allow an inner connection to be established and restore the balance of the inner energies.

Anything that helps achieve that stillness of the mind in this hectic, stressed out world helps to direct the focus to what we are doing and do it with a higher level of concentration that the task at hand becomes easy and effortless. And yes the colour blue helps do that.

Happy musings!


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