quiet contemplation!-musings of the mind

Welcome to quiet contemplation!

sitting as one so often does in meditation, observing one’s thoughts and feelings experiencing a heightened awareness; one falls in a natural state of quiet contemplation.Dwelling on any thought seems easy and effortless and there is a spontaneous answer to the questions that arise in this contemplative state.Musings of the mind likewise tends to explore a question that arises in the mind and then simply follow the trail of thoughts associated with that question leading to a progression of ideas that might sometimes lead to  some new thought.

In that sense, the question and its answer are both unexpected and therefore that much more exciting to explore.Sitting to write the post completely in tune with the energies of that moment, before a blank page in a contemplative state of mind, without any pre-decided topic, hope it becomes an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for you as much as for me,because one does not know what one will discover at the end of it.

Happy musings!


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